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Noobsquad EU Minecraft Server


Noobsquad runs this PVP Minecraft. This server offers Minigames, a PVP environment as well as your basic survival mode playing.

Join us on Noobsquan run by Gamehostingservers. Your Minecraft login name will become your username in game. Once you have logged in choose a password. After you have chosen your password you will be given you basic starter kit. Check your inventory to find some tools that will be usefull to your Minecraft journey. Please note that the Golden Shovel is used to claim your land.

Claiming land will allow you to build in your claimed area with out fear of other players beign able to alter your work or take your items out of your storage.


How we are growning


Currently under construction

Our website and spawn point is currently going under construction to create a more user friendly start.

From the spawn point you can reach your shops, minigames and the survival world.



Our Minigames currently include Trial by Combat.

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